The Hookah and the Hookah Experience

The experience of a hookah can be sensual. Originally, hookahs were used for group gatherings, meditation and even during prayer. The slow and steady plumes of dense vapor are known to feel soothing and relaxing. From flavors stemming from blackberry to grape, flavored shishas may be purchased in an array of tasty flavors. Shisha is a combination of tobacco, molasses and flavor additives. Shisha is what is smoked while using a hookah.

Hookahs can come in all shapes and forms. From large and romantic to small and digital; technology has expanded the various forms of the traditional hookah.

Many couples enjoy sharing a hookah after a long day or a stressful life event. The smell, taste and smooth draw feels calming, and for non-smokers, offers a nicotine high. Many couples also enjoy using a hookah during foreplay, although extreme caution must be exercised as hookahs utilize burning embers to power the hookah.

New electronic hookahs allow hookah enthusiasts the option to experience the sensation of a traditional hookah without the smoke, tar, ashes, ember, whips and cords. Hookahs can seem intimidating to novice users, as the traditional ones have many parts. The new ‘E-Hookahs’ allow users to not only easily transport their hookahs, but even save flavor (save money). Each time a traditional hookah is used, shisha is burned which is more expensive than the futuristic E-Liquid used in E-Hookahs, which stops being vaped when not puffed.

Hookahs have also become a fun past time for people interested in experiencing something new. Corner cafes and hookah bars have become the hot new place to hang. While the traditional hookah will always remain a classic staple of culture (and will still be enjoyed by enthusiasts), the new E-Hookahs are sure to take off  when backed by a marketing company such as BizLocal. The convenience factor is a huge incentive, as well as how authentic they draw.

Hookahs can be found everywhere; from gas stations to fine tobacco stores. They can range from 20 dollars to thousands of dollars, as some are quite artisan. Some hookahs are embellished with fine gems and fine metals, along with elaborate paintings and even calligraphy. What started as a smoking alternative became not only an artistry, but a hobby. Families and groups of friends still use hookahs to this day.

Many recent laws have tried to outlaw hookahs, as the media believes that the youth (which hookahs originally were primarily used by older men) have taken too much of a liking to their unique array of flavors. Simultaneously, these same tobacco laws umbrella all flavored E-Devices (including E-Hookahs), as various sources seem to believe adults do not enjoy flavors.

As the media bashes hookahs, nothing seems to be happening. It is almost seems strange to outlaw or even consider criminalizing a device which has been used for centuries. Though there is nicotine in the tobacco within the shisha, the shisha its self is considered a tobacco product and is regulated just as cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars.

The new electrical hookahs are appealing to the older demographic while also appealing to the younger generation of smokers who have not only been exposed to hookahs, but may also be curious about trying them. With E-Hookahs, experiencing a hookah can be simpler, less cumbersome and ultimately less expensive. In addition, the electrical devices offer customers the chance to try many flavors while controlling their nicotine intake.

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