E-Cigs and the Workplace

e-cigs at workE-Cigs in the workplace are an interesting topic as of late – it’s a tough act to balance. Of course, for vapers, its tough because they will argue that the vapor expelled is harmless, and as it’s odorless as well as simply water, there should be no reason to ban them in the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple, is it?

With the way things are now, things don’t get done without rules in a workplace. That said, it’s virtually impossible to not have rules on vaping handed down from HR to regulate a company’s workers. Now, the argument is which way it should go; ban vapes in the workplace, or let them stay as they are not bothering anyone.

Personally, I would say that common courtesy should rule this one – if your vaping doesn’t bother anyone, there shouldn’t be an official ban. However, if someone is made comfortable by the act of smoking and wants it to stop, then I would say it makes the most sense to simply take the vaping to another room where it won’t bother them. However, I realize that those sorts of rules simply don’t fly anymore. The best, official ruling I think would be to keep E-Cigs out of the workplace – now let me explain. First and foremost, it’s a workplace. There are tons of things that you can’t do there – you need to show a certain professionalism.

What you wear, how you look, all of that is up for scrutiny in the workplace. And the act of smoking is displeasing to some, harmful or not, so it makes sense to have a rule against it to curb as many complaints as possible.

Second, it’s easier to set aside a place where people can smoke than it is to deal with people who are constantly complaining about someone who is smoking in front of them – whether it’s vaping or not. Most people who would be made uncomfortable by smoking will transfer that notion to the act, not the smell or health dangers; and that will make them feel adverse to simply seeing the act. Removing the act causes the annoyance to go away. For HR, they please more people going about it that way. And, at least when it comes to the workplace, I think pleasing the majority is the main rule.

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