Finding the Right Electronic Cigarette

Sure, with traditional smoking, it is as easy as lighting up and exhaling. What many new smokers fail to realize is how dangerous smoking is, especially over the course of a life-time. Most start young when they think it is cool and end up with a nicotine dependency. After years of consuming toxic chemicals, these now adults, usually want to quit but fail miserably. Just as technology always prevails, a new smoking alternative is now available which allows a smoker to intake nicotine without the smoke, tar and ashes. These devices are collectively called electronic cigarettes, though there are now thousands of more advanced vaporizers available which use the same water vapor technology.

Finding the perfect electronic cigarette is not as confusing as it seems. Users should first look into how e-cigs work, and how to use them correctly. There are thousands of helpful sites with advice, help and learning centers to assist new users in finding their perfect fit. Generally, it first boils down to a smoker deciding on their flavor vaporizer(usually an easy pick as most people either menthol or tobacco), followed by the desired nicotine strength. Nicotine strengths tend to range from 0.6% nicotine by volume to 3.2% nicotine by volume. Smokers seeking a harsher throat hit generally go with a traditional 32 mg while users who tend to puff or vape lightly select around 1.8% nicotine by volume (18 mg). Generally, vapers start out higher and then decrease to a lower amount, quit all together or become fascinated by the technology and merge into the hobby-aspect. That is generally when an E-Cig user will buy a vaporizer.

Vaporizers are much more controlled than the traditional cigarette-inspired e-cigs. These devices are much more modern and have many parts which make them work. Essentially, the technology is the same, though the modern vapes require knowledge of parts and the technical aspects, such as knowledge of atomizers, wicks, E-Liquid filling and proper maintenance. Unlike the traditional E-Cig, vaporizers are not just casually puffed on and easy to use.

Many hobbyists love the new flavors of e-juice that are constantly coming out. From banana nut bread to strange concoctions like bacon, many enjoy trying, sampling and dripping for a quick taste and nicotine hit. With so much to choose from, the VTM technology becomes more and more fascinating.

Companies are figuring out how to include other things as well. Caffeine, taurine and even chamomile blends can be found in e-liquid shops, to help vapers either stay alert or assist them in sleeping. Though nicotine is a stimulant, smokers who are used to nicotine do not find the nicotine to be stimulating enough to keep them from sleeping. It is not uncommon for a smoker to cap off the night or dinner with a cigarette. With new vape technology, E-Juices can help in other ways, other than just the nic fix.

Finding the right brand is essential before diving into the water-vapor realm. It is generally best to go with a USA company who has their ingredients and materials listed, as well as an E-Cig brand that stands behind its products. Many websites offer satisfaction guarantees and even warranties.