Finding the Right Electronic Cigarette

Sure, with traditional smoking, it is as easy as lighting up and exhaling. What many new smokers fail to realize is how dangerous smoking is, especially over the course of a life-time. Most start young when they think it is cool and end up with a nicotine dependency. After years of consuming toxic chemicals, these now adults, usually want to quit but fail miserably. Just as technology always prevails, a new smoking alternative is now available which allows a smoker to intake nicotine without the smoke, tar and ashes. These devices are collectively called electronic cigarettes, though there are now thousands of more advanced vaporizers available which use the same water vapor technology.

Finding the perfect electronic cigarette is not as confusing as it seems. Users should first look into how e-cigs work, and how to use them correctly. There are thousands of helpful sites with advice, help and learning centers to assist new users in finding their perfect fit. Generally, it first boils down to a smoker deciding on their flavor vaporizer(usually an easy pick as most people either menthol or tobacco), followed by the desired nicotine strength. Nicotine strengths tend to range from 0.6% nicotine by volume to 3.2% nicotine by volume. Smokers seeking a harsher throat hit generally go with a traditional 32 mg while users who tend to puff or vape lightly select around 1.8% nicotine by volume (18 mg). Generally, vapers start out higher and then decrease to a lower amount, quit all together or become fascinated by the technology and merge into the hobby-aspect. That is generally when an E-Cig user will buy a vaporizer.

Vaporizers are much more controlled than the traditional cigarette-inspired e-cigs. These devices are much more modern and have many parts which make them work. Essentially, the technology is the same, though the modern vapes require knowledge of parts and the technical aspects, such as knowledge of atomizers, wicks, E-Liquid filling and proper maintenance. Unlike the traditional E-Cig, vaporizers are not just casually puffed on and easy to use.

Many hobbyists love the new flavors of e-juice that are constantly coming out. From banana nut bread to strange concoctions like bacon, many enjoy trying, sampling and dripping for a quick taste and nicotine hit. With so much to choose from, the VTM technology becomes more and more fascinating.

Companies are figuring out how to include other things as well. Caffeine, taurine and even chamomile blends can be found in e-liquid shops, to help vapers either stay alert or assist them in sleeping. Though nicotine is a stimulant, smokers who are used to nicotine do not find the nicotine to be stimulating enough to keep them from sleeping. It is not uncommon for a smoker to cap off the night or dinner with a cigarette. With new vape technology, E-Juices can help in other ways, other than just the nic fix.

Finding the right brand is essential before diving into the water-vapor realm. It is generally best to go with a USA company who has their ingredients and materials listed, as well as an E-Cig brand that stands behind its products. Many websites offer satisfaction guarantees and even warranties.

The Hookah and the Hookah Experience

The experience of a hookah can be sensual. Originally, hookahs were used for group gatherings, meditation and even during prayer. The slow and steady plumes of dense vapor are known to feel soothing and relaxing. From flavors stemming from blackberry to grape, flavored shishas may be purchased in an array of tasty flavors. Shisha is a combination of tobacco, molasses and flavor additives. Shisha is what is smoked while using a hookah.

Hookahs can come in all shapes and forms. From large and romantic to small and digital; technology has expanded the various forms of the traditional hookah.

Many couples enjoy sharing a hookah after a long day or a stressful life event. The smell, taste and smooth draw feels calming, and for non-smokers, offers a nicotine high. Many couples also enjoy using a hookah during foreplay, although extreme caution must be exercised as hookahs utilize burning embers to power the hookah.

New electronic hookahs allow hookah enthusiasts the option to experience the sensation of a traditional hookah without the smoke, tar, ashes, ember, whips and cords. Hookahs can seem intimidating to novice users, as the traditional ones have many parts. The new ‘E-Hookahs’ allow users to not only easily transport their hookahs, but even save flavor (save money). Each time a traditional hookah is used, shisha is burned which is more expensive than the futuristic E-Liquid used in E-Hookahs, which stops being vaped when not puffed.

Hookahs have also become a fun past time for people interested in experiencing something new. Corner cafes and hookah bars have become the hot new place to hang. While the traditional hookah will always remain a classic staple of culture (and will still be enjoyed by enthusiasts), the new E-Hookahs are sure to take off  when backed by a marketing company such as BizLocal. The convenience factor is a huge incentive, as well as how authentic they draw.

Hookahs can be found everywhere; from gas stations to fine tobacco stores. They can range from 20 dollars to thousands of dollars, as some are quite artisan. Some hookahs are embellished with fine gems and fine metals, along with elaborate paintings and even calligraphy. What started as a smoking alternative became not only an artistry, but a hobby. Families and groups of friends still use hookahs to this day.

Many recent laws have tried to outlaw hookahs, as the media believes that the youth (which hookahs originally were primarily used by older men) have taken too much of a liking to their unique array of flavors. Simultaneously, these same tobacco laws umbrella all flavored E-Devices (including E-Hookahs), as various sources seem to believe adults do not enjoy flavors.

As the media bashes hookahs, nothing seems to be happening. It is almost seems strange to outlaw or even consider criminalizing a device which has been used for centuries. Though there is nicotine in the tobacco within the shisha, the shisha its self is considered a tobacco product and is regulated just as cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars.

The new electrical hookahs are appealing to the older demographic while also appealing to the younger generation of smokers who have not only been exposed to hookahs, but may also be curious about trying them. With E-Hookahs, experiencing a hookah can be simpler, less cumbersome and ultimately less expensive. In addition, the electrical devices offer customers the chance to try many flavors while controlling their nicotine intake.

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Is a Good Franchise Hard to Find?

The short answer here is ‘no’. Most franchises that are out there are at least fairly reputable, though most that you’ve probably heard of are strong franchises worthy of your time. While figuring out which franchises are good and which ones are not-so-good is relatively easy, figuring out which one is the right for you is less so. There are countless franchise opportunities out there and it can be a difficult task to sort through them. You perhaps don’t have enough time due to the stress of hiring a the best long island wedding photographer.

To begin, you need to figure out what it is exactly you want to do. Is it food? Gas Station? A quick shopping mart? Figuring out what set of products you want to offer is your first step. Of course, if you’re looking into starting a business or franchising, you’ve likely narrowed down your field already. But that’s not enough.

If you’ve figured out your ‘genre’ you need to figure out specifics next. We’ll talk food here, since it’s easiest. There are a couple things to consider when picking a franchise. First off, money. It’s probably the most important aspect of picking a franchise. Each franchise will have differing costs for start up, and even their licensing fees and such. It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you start looking to pick a franchise, and money issues are the most prevalent.

Once you narrowed down what you can afford, its time to narrow further. Working with food, would you like to serve sandwiches? Does that mean burgers, or subs / hoagies? That’s a huge difference in franchise and equipment needs. Price too. Or if sandwiches aren’t your style, were you looking more toward coffee? Then there’s the differences between a place like StarBucks versus Dunkin. Figuring out a good balance between what you can afford and what kind of atmosphere / store you want is the key here. For example, if you were looking for a passaic county masonry company, you would probably use a search engine.

Now if you’ve narrowed down the possibilities to maybe 2 or 3, that’s great. If it’s down to one, that’s fantastic. If you still need help deciding, look into the nitty-gritty information about any given franchise you’re looking into. See what franchisees out there say about them. Look into how they run their locations. See if you’re okay with how they moderate you. Make sure you feel like you’d be alright working for these people. It’s a little thing, but when it comes down to the wire, these can help make your final decision.

Basically, what you need to take away from here is this. When you make the move to choose a franchise to be part of, be aware what you’re getting into. Make sure you know what you want, what you’re getting, and that everything checks out. If you think you’re good on all fronts with a given franchise, give them a call and set up a meeting. You’re probably ready to begin feeling things out.

E-Cigs and the Workplace

e-cigs at workE-Cigs in the workplace are an interesting topic as of late – it’s a tough act to balance. Of course, for vapers, its tough because they will argue that the vapor expelled is harmless, and as it’s odorless as well as simply water, there should be no reason to ban them in the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple, is it?

With the way things are now, things don’t get done without rules in a workplace. That said, it’s virtually impossible to not have rules on vaping handed down from HR to regulate a company’s workers. Now, the argument is which way it should go; ban vapes in the workplace, or let them stay as they are not bothering anyone.

Personally, I would say that common courtesy should rule this one – if your vaping doesn’t bother anyone, there shouldn’t be an official ban. However, if someone is made comfortable by the act of smoking and wants it to stop, then I would say it makes the most sense to simply take the vaping to another room where it won’t bother them. However, I realize that those sorts of rules simply don’t fly anymore. The best, official ruling I think would be to keep E-Cigs out of the workplace – now let me explain. First and foremost, it’s a workplace. There are tons of things that you can’t do there – you need to show a certain professionalism.

What you wear, how you look, all of that is up for scrutiny in the workplace. And the act of smoking is displeasing to some, harmful or not, so it makes sense to have a rule against it to curb as many complaints as possible.

Second, it’s easier to set aside a place where people can smoke than it is to deal with people who are constantly complaining about someone who is smoking in front of them – whether it’s vaping or not. Most people who would be made uncomfortable by smoking will transfer that notion to the act, not the smell or health dangers; and that will make them feel adverse to simply seeing the act. Removing the act causes the annoyance to go away. For HR, they please more people going about it that way. And, at least when it comes to the workplace, I think pleasing the majority is the main rule.

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There has been a lot of buzz around E-Cigs being marketed toward kids because of the fruity flavors they often come in. There is a lot to be said about this, for sure. Marketing any kind of smoking device, especially something that is potentially addictive, is terrible.

However, I have yet to see a reputable E-Cig retailer actually truly market toward kids. The biggest recent attack was aimed at Blu, who reportedly personal vaporizerset up TV commercials to run during times when kids would be watching the program. And according to a study by the journal Pediatrics (Here’s a news article on the whole debacle) the exposure to the commercial skyrocketed among kids between 12 and 24. However, even if that is (I’m willing to trust the study here) the case, the commercial is very poor marketing for targeting kids. There wasn’t anyone under the age of 30 in the commercial, let alone 25, which means there would be no one in the commercials for kids to relate to. At the very least, these commercials were not made to target kids. With that said, this allows younger kids to purchase them directly online get these products shipped right to them.

In addition to that, the amount of kids seeing these commercials would skyrocket simply by virtue of them appearing on television. These days, kids watch everything – there is no longer an adult only time slot or channel that would be safe from young adult eyes. If Blu or Njoy wanted any TV commercials at all, they would be seen by young adults. There’s no escaping that.

As for the flavoring issue, it’s hard to see that as a children targeting move, either, for a couple of reasons. First, fruit flavors are the easiest to produce, so of course they would be the first flavor aside from tobacco and menthol available. Second, adults love fruity flavors too. Take a look at alcohol – there are too many fruit flavored drinks to count, but they aren’t targeted at minors simply because they’re fruit flavored. That leap in logic is flawed. Adults love those flavors as much as any kids would too.

If anything needs to be done about E-Cigs and kida, it’s this. Parents need to sit down and talk with their kids. Nothing will stop a kid once they have the want to try something; it wouldn’t matter if E-Cigs are outlawed for kids under 21, they would find a way, the same way kids always found way to cigarettes. The best way to stop a kid from trying them is to talk to them and try to get them to understand why they shouldn’t. If they don’t listen to that, then no amount of advertising or lack thereof would change a thing – they’d find a way to cigarettes. And if that’s the case anyway, wouldn’t E-Cigs be the better choice?